About Us
About Us
The Kuraray Group, which includes Kuraray and its consolidated and unconsolidated subsidiary companies, embraces about 50 companies in Japan and abroad with approximately 7,000 employees. Each company within the Group, while demonstrating its individual character, is committed to satisfy the diverse needs of society in their field of business.

Kuraray entered the field of dental materials in 1973. The mission of Kuraray is to respond precisely and thoroughly to the needs of the dental profession with reliable products of superior quality. In 1978, Kuraray released the world's first dentin bonding agent, CLEARFIL Bond System F, which marked the birth of adhesive dentistry. At the same time the total-etch technique on dentin and enamel was invented by Kuraray. Twenty-nine years later, Kuraray continues to bring forth innovative quality products to meet the demands of a continuously changing profession.

With epoch-making products such as PANAVIA F, CLEARFIL SE Bond and ESTENIA, Kuraray has proven its ability to turn leading-edge research into real world solutions.

As both society and dentistry evolve, new questions and requirements for dental materials will arise. Kuraray will continue to satisfy these requirements and needs of the dental industry in years to come. Through constant exchange of valuable information with customers, extensive research and development and education Kuraray will ensure that the dental profession will find a reliable partner in Kuraray -- a partner with the ability to deliver solutions. 
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