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On Demand CE
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Tooth Preserving Dentistry: Taking Direct Composites to the Next Level
Presenter: Dr. Richard Young
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 11/5/20
  This CE webinar will review, in a real world “wet fingered” dentist’s way, some of the techniques, materials, and key research, behind 34 years of advanced adhesive minimally invasive dentistry. It will help take your direct composites to the next level. New injection molding techniques combined with advanced adhesion techniques will be presented. A clinical review of successful, long-term clinical cases will be reviewed as well.

Maximizing Results for Ceramic Restorations: With IDS & Resin Coating
Presenter: Dr. Steven Schiffenhaus
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 5/20/20
  Modern ceramics and advanced adhesive techniques allow us to restore teeth similar to their natural biomechanical function. Unfortunately, the fundamentals of ceramics and bonding are still not widely understood. The leading cause of failure for posterior ceramics is fracture. While most doctors understand that fractures are the result of poor preparation design, few understand that poor bonding can reduce the fracture resistance of a ceramic restoration. In this CE webinar we will review preparation fundamentals and designs that maximize ceramic fracture resistance. Additionally, adhesive techniques such as IDS & Resin Coating can increase bond strengths up to 400% and lead to long term retention of minimally invasive, ceramic restorations. These techniques will also minimize post-operative sensitivity and root canals. Clinical cases will be re-viewed to illustrate these preparation & restorative techniques.

Mastering Esthetics and Function with Contemporary Zirconia Restorations: Clinical Decisions in Daily Practice
Presenter: Dr. Sergio Arias
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 11/7/19
  Dr. Arias will present a step-by-step approach to diagnosing, treatment planning, and sequencing esthetic rehabilitations. The CE webinar will include discussions of the following:
• Smile Design
• Ceramic System Selection
• Adhesive System Selection with Bonding Protocols

New Technology Solves Main Issue with Single-Bottle Adhesives
Presenter: Dr. Mark McOmie
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 2/8/17
  This CE webinar will show clinical cases with a new single-bottle universal adhesive that contains a new monomer that has properties similar to a “Gold Standard” 6th generation adhesive. Direct posterior & anterior cases will be illustrated as well as zirconia bonding with this new adhesive material.

Tooth Structure: Nature's Best Restorative Material
Presenter: Dr. Richard Young
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 11/2/16
  This CE webinar will review, in a real world “wet fingered” dentist’s way, some of the techniques, technologies and key research on how to perform advanced adhesion dentistry simply in your office on a daily basis. These techniques can eliminate post-operative pain & increase the longevity of adhesive restorations dramatically while preserving the maximum amount of tooth structure. These techniques will be illustrated with step-by-step images and videos of multiple clinical cases.

Latest Technologies That Solve Esthetic & Function Issues with Indirect Restorations
Presenter: Dr. Joseph Willardsen
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 6/15/16
  In the past 3-4 years these have been advancements in esthetic zirconia-based ceramics and adhesive resin cements that provide solutions to some esthetic and function restorative issues. This CE webinar will introduce and discuss these new materials and technologies and illustrate, with clinical cases, how they can solve some anterior & posterior esthetic issues as well as issues with function. A new resin cement technology that solves the self-cure issue with most dual-cure resin cements will be discussed and illustrated as well.

A New Simpler Way to Bond eMax and All Ceramic Restorations
Presenter: Dr. Greg Campbell
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 11/18/15
  This CE webinar is designed for any office that currently cements or bonds ceramic restorations. What are the steps for success? Tissue control techniques will be discussed. Participants will be introduced to a new generation of resin cements and will be shown step by step, how to be more efficient and productive as well as simplify their cementation process.

Class-IV Restorations: Simplified, Esthetic & Predictable
Presenter: Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 10/28/15
  Large Class-IV restorations can present an esthetic challenge and be time consuming for many clinicians. This CE webinar will review simplified techniques combined with new composite technologies that provide very wide blending effects making direct large anterior restorations more esthetic and easier than ever. A key technique that improves the blending affects dramatically will be discussed and illustrated.

Simplifying All Ceramics
Presenter: Dr. Todd Snyder
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 10/22/14
  In the last 10 years all ceramic & zirconia restorations have become extremely popular and are increasing in use every year. With this increase, there have been new materials that require different clinical selection criteria, different surface treatments, different cementing options etc...This CE webinar will review zirconia, lithium dissilicate & certain feldspathic ceramics and simplify their requirements for clinical selection, cementation, adjustments and polishing.

How to Achieve Predictable Esthetics Easily with New Composite Technology
Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Hoos
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 9/17/14
  In the last 4 years, there have been major advances in composite technology in relation to color matching, blending, shade-taking & layering techniques. This CE webinar will illustrate these new technologies and demonstrate how they can be easily implemented to dramatically improve anterior & posterior direct restorations for your patients, while simplifying your technique and time.

101 Uses For Flowable Composites
Presenter: Dr. Michael Morgan
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 1/29/14
  Flowable composite resins have a multitude of uses in general restorative dentistry. Their low viscosity and ability to be placed in very small and precise increments makes them the ideal restorative material in many instances. This CE webinar will provide clinicians with the knowledge and skills to comfortably and predictably use flowable composites in many treatment modalities. Subjects discussed will include sealants, Class I, II and V direct resin restorations, indirect restoration block-out, provisionalization, mockups, occlusion and repairs/renewals.

Immediate Dentin Sealing: The Most Important Advancement in Adhesion Dentistry
Presenter: Dr. David Alleman
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 10/20/13
  This CE webinar will present the clinical techniques, materials and the published, scientific, literature on Immediate Dentin Sealing (IDS). The combination of this technique with a gold standard bonding system will maintain the seal on dentin, prevent secondary caries, eliminate post-operative pain and preserve pulp vitality.
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